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24 Carat Gold Kit

It Contains 24 Carat certified gold can recharge our skin cells and rejuvenate and giving help them simulation of blood lymph and cell metabolism ,which can help a dull ,dry ,sluggish skin glow like baby soft skin.


Derma Gold Exfoliator

Pure Secret Derma Gold Cleansers

Derma Gold Gel

Derma Gold Massage Cream

Derma Gold Serum

Derma Gold Face Pack



  Derma Gold Exfoliator  A double action gel that cleanse and exfoliate containing Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel to smooth and tone the skin,massage lightly in small circulation for 2-3 minutes.

How To Use: Massage lightly in small circulation for 2-3 minutes

  Pure Secret Derma Gold Cleansers   It is a mild purifying gel cleanser that removes surface contamination and impurities Moisten the skin.

How To Use: Take one tea spoon gel cleanser with little Derma Gold Serum, Massage into skin in upward and outward, movements, then remove it with damp cotton or can cleanse with (-) galvanic current.

  Derma Gold Gel  It contains soft gold electronically charged, Aloe Vera and pure essential oil of witch hazel.

How To Use: Apply gold gel and give penetration with (+) galvanic / derma sonic waves.

  Derma Gold Massage Cream  This rich gold cream containing beech bud extract and 24 carat gold that improves skin oxygen consumption contributing to a smoother,more radiant complexion.

How To Use: Give massage for minimum 15 minutes. Can be penetrated through Dermasonic also.

  Derma Gold Serum  A dis-incrustation lotion which lubricates the cells also helps tighten the skin making pores less noticeable.

How To Use: Give cold compressor after massage for few minutes. Adding 1.1/2 tea spoon Serum into cold water.

  Derma Gold Face Pack  A Face Pack with Gentian and Birch and pure gold which helps to improve dull dry sluggish skin.

How To Use: Apply Face Pack till semi dry, gently rub for 2-3 minutes clockwise and anti clockwise, clean it with damp cotton.

Naturence India - Natural Herbal products and Ayurvedic Products for Skin, Hair
NATURENCE Has Given a Very Extensive and Premium Range of Based on "Aromatherapy" With Nature's Therapies of Healing
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